About us

Company Profile

  • We have devoted in R & D and sales of automotive lubrication for a decade with a main focus in ODM/OEM business sector in Taiwan automotive industry
  • To comply with vendor policy of Yulon Nissan Motor Company (Authorised manufacturer & distributor of Nissan vehicles in Taiwan), and to distinguish ourselves from the OEM/ODM role in the past, Yain Long Enterprise Co. Ltd. was established in August 2010, then the company became a qualified supplier of Yulon-Nissan Motor Company
  • TYN Lubrication Technology Co. Ltd. was established in August 2011 by senior management from Yain Long Enterprise Co. Ltd. in consideration of catering more market segmentations, development of environmental-friendly automotive lubricants and promotion of self-branded products

Corporate Mission Corporate Mission
  • ‧Driven by our commitment in environment protection to produce most environment-friendly products that can yield fuel efficiency and minimise pollutants from vehicles
  • Deliver premium and excellent automotive lubricants, prolong life cycle of vehicles and reduce maintenance cost of our customers
  • Focusing on continuous customer relation development, service quality improvement and increase total customer satisfaction in both our products and services



Core Technologies

  • Our R & D team has been in automotive lubricant development and OEM/ODM lubricant industry for a decade
  • Our unique formula is extremely environmental friendly and able to provide most comprehensive protection to engine components
  • Our products are formulated with imported base oil with and the unique formula, and professionally packed to offer customers premium quality of automotive lubricants